Nice Isometric Exercises for Natural Bodybuilding is a great site. They put out this demo of good isometric exercises and dynamic tension exercises using a simple ladder-type device. I prefer dynamic tension exercises over pure isometric exercises for strength training because of the range of motion. As with all isometric exercises, it’s easy to cheat yourself because you can’t easily measure the resistance (as opposed to weights) A commenter pointed out:

“Don’t get me wrong, isometrics can be very effective in building tremendous strength, like in gymnastics… say a full body planche, or a cross, v-sit etc. (assisted of course) I’m not sure how isolation isometrics like here is really effective, especially when done without any measurable resistance”

But I can attest from personal experience, if you really focus, you’ll get an incredible strength training exercise workout.


And check out these posts to learn how to overhaul your “regular” strength training routine with isometric exercises and plyometrics.

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  1. Danny says:

    Great post! Isometric exercises are great for a number of different reasons like you’re article describes. I think one of the major benefits that a lot of people don’t realize is ‘portability’ meaning if you travel and can’t get to a gym or your schedule just won’t allow, isometrics can be the answer!! A towel and some empty hotel room floor space can be just what the trainer ordered!

    Happy Lifting :)


  2. It’s good that he does the isometric exercises in lots of different positions for the same muscle group. The different angles will work different parts of the muscle.

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