Top 3 Strength Training Myths…

I wanted to bust a few myths about strength training real quick…

Myth 1: Reduce “Problem Areas” with Certain Exercises

Doing 1000 crunches to burn belly fat probably won’t work… sorry to break it to you.

The truth is that fat loss has a lot to do with genetics, hormones, and age. Weight loss is a simple formula; calories in must be less than calories used. Strength training exercises to build up certain body parts of course is perfectly valid.

So if you want stronger arms, stop wasting money on phoney products and do your isometric exercises.

Myth 2: You Need Equipment to Have an Effective Strength Training Workout

Strength training is about breaking down your muscle fibers through resistance, and there are tons of ways to do that. You can do isometric exercises, plyometrics, body weight exercises (pushups, pullups, dips, crunches, etc.), and of course weights.The point is that although you can use weights, isometrics, isotonics, and plyometrics done at home can build functional strength, and make you feel good too.

Myth 3: Strength Training Will Make You Slower and Less Flexible

Ok, so the jury is out on this one. Bruce Lee was known to avoid weight lifting because he didn’t want to get too big, but building up lean muscle can actually help you speed up, depending on how you train and what your goals are.The stronger your muscles are, the more force they can exert. Weight lifting for body building is completely different from strength training for combat sports or agility

Click on this link for more strength training myths. It’s a really interesting article because it not only debunks these myths, but tells you where they originated.

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