What Are Isometric Exercises

I’ve been involved in martial arts since I was in 7th grade and was always told that lifting weights would hinder my progress. I learned about isometric exercises and have been an enthusiast ever since.

Isometric Exercises Defined

Isometric exercises involve contracting your muscles without movement of your body. Common examples include:

  • Pressing your palms together in front of your body
  • Pushing against a door frame).
  • Holding a free weight in a fixed position)

“Isometric” comes from the Latin words “iso” meaning “same” and “metric” meaning “distance”. With isometric exercises, you contract your muscles while keeping them at a fixed position.

History of Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises are nothing new and have been around in different cultures for hundreds of years. Martial artists in particular are quite Isometrics were first brought to the modern public’s attention by Angelo Siciliano aka Charles Atlas.He won numerous body building championships and later sold a popular strength training course to young me in comic books. Although Atlas used isometric exercises to build muscle, his specific technique involved moving his muscles during contraction, known as isotonic exercise. It is quite similar to isometric exercises with the exception being that the muscles are contracted AND in motion.

Isometric Exercises vs. Isotonic Exercises

For the purposes of this blog, I’d say both are equally effective, as long as you exert consistent force. In essence, doing pushups and lifting weights are isotonic exercises in that you are flexing your muscle in a full range of motion. However, this site is dedicated to isometric and isotonic exercises using self-resistance like pressing your palms together. Whether you choose isotonic or isometric exercises, you’ll notice an increase in strength without needing to purchase expensive equipment or gym memberships. The only thing you really need is motivation and commitment.

Check out these posts to learn how to overhaul your “regular” strength training routine with isometric exercises.

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