Plyometric Exercises for Ninja Strength Training…

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Here’s a quick video of 8 lower body plyometrics exercises. Just do 10 of each and see how you feel afterwards. They’ll develop explosive speed and power and can be used for almost any sport:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunge Jumps
  3. Knee Tuck Jumps
  4. Lace Jumps
  5. Duck Jumps
  6. Frog Leaps
  7. Rocky 3-Steps
  8. Double Hop Jumps

**Important note Plyometrics are really effective, just do NOT do them on concrete, it will kill your joints. Do them on a grass, hardwood floors, or a track, but never on concrete!

There’s also a series of videos on plyometric pushups and plyometrics for combat conditioning for upper body strength. And check out these posts to learn how to overhaul your “regular” strength training routine with isometric exercises.

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  1. sam says:

    why does he say not to do them o concrete and thats what he’s doing it on in the video?

  2. Spirit says:

    He says that becuase it is going to hurt when you fall down. Believe me you will fall down. He did that on concrete because he is used to it and therefore less likely to fall. I go to kung fu and we do those some of the time. This is really good but hard. Its harder then it looks.

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