Why Isometric Exercises are Perfect for Strength Training and Powerlifting

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Most people that work out are looking to get stronger, lose weight, or build muscle. Not too many people are trying to looking like the glossy body builders in Speedos you see in muscle building magazines in the checkout aisle at the supermarket. You probably don’t have 2 hours a day to invest in a rotissierie-golden tan and enough steroids to kill a horse to boot! But if you’re interested in getting stronger for sports, general fitness, or to be able to lift heavy objects, those magazines are not for you. Below is an excerpt from an article I read called “Isometrics For Powerlifters & Strongmen” by Dane C. Fletcher

Isometrics are perfect for almost any training regimen. It will help improve strength in all essential lifts. For instance, begin with a regular standing pectoral butterfly stretch against the cable machine. At full extension, incapable of moving the rack, flex and press as hard as you can for thirty seconds, then move to the middle range of the stretch. Do it for another thirty seconds of full tension – pressing as hard as you can. Lastly, you can finish the set with another thirty seconds at the final locked position.

Basically, isometric training is perfect for almost any workout program. It will help improve overall strength and help improve your lifts. For example, you may start with the standard standing butterfly using a cable machine. You want to be at full extension without being able to actually move the rack. After flexing and holding as hard as you can for thirty seconds, move your arms to the middle range for another thirty or so seconds. Then you finish the set at the final locked position for another thirty seconds. This ensures that you receive the full “muscle recruitment” benefit of isometric exercises, while still utilizing the full range of muscle movement. If you add isometrics to your strength training regimen, you’ll see how it helps you to break a plateau and increase your strength levels without resorting to steroids.

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  1. I love isometric exercises! I just started a great new workout today that kicked my butt. My legs are killing me already from squat holds and holding leg raises! Can’t wait for my next one saturday!

  2. Eddie says:

    I like isometrics too, specifically because of the simplicity. I have a cable that I am going to attach handles to, and begin my stretches and holds. Unfortunately, there are no good books on the subject. I want to have a good solid foundation to work all the muscles in my body. I hope there could be an Isometrics machine-that would have a pressure meter or electronics gadget to evaluate your progress. I know there is a gripping device that meazures your pressure in lbs. for your hold.With all the technology available right now; I don’t know why there isn’t a company building an Isometrics Machine with springs, pneumatic/hydraulic, and/or pulleys. Imagine a sturdy resistance machine that weighs a lot less than weights and offers more resistance to work against your muscles, tendons, and joints!

  3. Marathon Man says:

    After a lot of my friends started doing marathons, I decided I would aim to do one by next year and Isometric exercises were recommended by a friend because of my lack of wanting to go to an actual gym. It is the perfect thing to do in your own home with hardly any equipment!

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